Why you should label your kids sports equipment

When my kids started playing sports I had no idea the amount of equipment needed.  After many trips back to the field to look for the forgotten glove or stick I knew I needed to do something. Enter custom labeling the equipment.  The sports font is my favorite for this since it makes it look a bit more professional sport like.  I asked my son to tell me why you need your sports equipment labeled, here is what he said.
Baseball bat labeled
  • because it will help your kid find there sports equipment in the dugout
  • so they keep every thing safe and not lose gloves, bats and helmets

  • you don't have to go looking for there stuff that they lose after a game
  • nobody will share your stuff

I know where my water bottle is in the dugout

Water bottle labels

  • Field hockey stick labeled

There you have it, ownership and responsibilty of their own stuff.  Here are some samples of what have been labeled.

Baseball hat custom labeled

Catcher Bag labledBasball helmet labeled

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